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Managing multiple WordPress and WooCommerce sites for your clients? Let's up your eCommerce game, with a super fast and secure hosting platform.

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Running an eCommerce site through WooCommerce?

Manage your WooCommerce site all in a speedy, reliable and easy-to-use cloud hosting platform made by the team of experts here at Nimbus Hosting. Brilliant. Whether you’re a creative agency or an eCommerce business. We’ll have the right package flexible for the everyday runnings of your site(s).

Our cloud hosting platform has beenn designed with you in mind – yep, even you! There are so many benefits as to why you should get on board with us. Reason number one, the Nimbus team are awesome (if we do say so ourselves!). Not only that, you can play with one-click website installs, staging environments, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL and 1-click PCI compliance all in one place.

One-click website installs

Add websites to your server in a flash. Whether you have a WordPress or Magento site, you can connect the dots easily in our platform. Automatically install WordPress, Magento 1 or 2 including its PHP version within 30 seconds (go on, try it for yourself and beat our record!). Want to know how easy it is to do? We’ll show you how in our knowledge base. Done and dusted.

STORM control panel - upload websites
Setting up staging area

Easy-To-Use Staging Environments.

Set up reliable staging environments for your WooCommerce sites. Test your upcoming products, coding and landing pages without the hassle. It’s a great way to get ahead of your campaigns and have everything ready in advance before publishing live on the actual site.

Plus, if you’re a coding wizard, you’ll know having a bug go-live is a nasty sight (literally). So, you can supercharge your development process and any issues first-hand with our easy-to-use staging environment.

Better site performance with discrete bug fixes. No surprises here.

Let’s Encrypt SSLs in a flash

Set up Let’s Encrypt for free in just a single click and manage your SSLs in one place. Think that’s great? We’ll even renew your SSLs every 90 days for you automatically, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

If you’re not sure about how to Install Let’s Encrypt, our knowledge base takes you step by step. You won’t need any technical knowledge and the process is seamless and simple.

Learn more about Let’s Encrypt in our handy knowledge base here.

PCI Compliance: Let's Encrypt, One Click, Hosting Platform STORM
Managing PCI compliance with STORM

PCI Compliance

Activate your PCI Compliance with just one simple click. We completely understand that if you’re running an eCommerce site in WooCommerce, you’ll want your cardholder safety to be up to scratch. Fear not, any product purchases on your site are fully safe and secure in our hosting platform. You’ll only need to worry about switching the toggle to become PCI Compliant. Simple.

Find out more about configuring PCI Compliance in our platform on our blog.

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