WordPress Auto Update – an Update

Chris .

Last month we blogged about a fantastic plugin that would automatically update your WordPress site.
In the latest iteration of the popular blog/cms software, version 3.7.1, the WordPress team have implemented their own official automatic updater for applying maintenance and security patches. You can read more about it on their blog by clicking here. 

In order for the Automatic Updates to run, you’ll need to make sure WordPress has FTP access to the site directory – you can usually tell this if you can install plugins/themes with the WordPress Control Panel itself rather than needing to upload via FTP.

Also – make sure your email address is correct in Settings > General – if the Auto Updates don’t work for any reason, you’ll get an email alerting you to that fact.

Finally – the WordPress Automatic Updates do not cover major updates because this can sometimes break themes/plugins etc, so you’ll still need to update manually when these are released.

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