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A recent study by W3Techs delivered the astonishing fact that it is now estimated that 18.8% of the worlds websites are WordPress based. Open source platforms are rich pickings for hackers – by their nature, the entire coding is laid bare for people to try and find potential vulnerabilities. WordPress are very quick to release updates to patch any security issues, so a website owners best bet for ensuring that their WordPress site stays secure is for them to make sure they regularly check for updates and apply them.

WordPress has made it a relatively simple process to update your site – just keep an eye out in your wp-admin area for this notification:

But what if you are an agency looking to keep your clients WordPress sites secure with updates, even if they do not regularly log in? Luckily, there is a WordPress Automatic Updater plugin available that will apply any WordPress updates as soon as they become available. While this will be useful for the vast majority of sites, it would be worth checking the sites each time an update is released to make sure that it has not affected any themes or plugin functionality.

Another useful guard to help protect WordPress sites is to make sure that they are regularly backed up – that way, if they get hacked because of being out of date, you can restore the site, and apply updates to secure once more. If you would prefer the site owner to be responsible for this, there are some great options available such as the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin that will take a configurable backup of your site files and database to your Dropbox account. Nimbus offer Onsite and Offsite backups too which will cover all your sites and keep a 30 day snapshot history – drop us a line if you would like these adding to your account.

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