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Looking for the complete solution to community platform management?

Xenforo Enterprise is ideal for communities of 1 million+ users and those looking to move from their existing platform.

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Nimbus client’s using Xenforo Enterprise


We provide full migration from your existing Jive, vBulletin, IPBoard or other forum platforms to Xenforo. Migrations include the transfer of all content including posts, attachments, board structure as well as members and their associated passwords.

Of course, Xenforo Enterprise is also perfect for those who want to create new communities on the Xenforo forum platform.

Each project is quoted on an individual basis, taking into account all design elements including a custom responsive theme.

Case Study: Time Inc vBulletin to Xenforo Platform Migration
The Power of Xenforo Enterprise

time-incTimeInc approached us as they were looking for a hosting company who specialised in hosting VBulletin sites and in this case, a company who could support the server needs of a large and active online community.

We pride ourselves on understanding the specific requirements of our clients and their websites. As such, we advised that migrating from vBulletin to Xenforo would be advantageous in terms of improving search engine optimisation, lowering costs, implementing better security and enhancing user experience – which is obviously incredibly important to the success of a forum.

The project, from the design to the development of the new forum, was all managed by Nimbus and completed within around 30 days. All of the member user details have been carried across, so as far as the individual is concerned, nothing has changed – only improved.

Here is what Giles Bentley, Development & Operations Director at TimeInc has to stay about working with Nimbus.

What made you choose Nimbus over other hosting providers?

rugby-world-forumWe were looking for a company that specialises in vBulletin hosting and were impressed with Nimbus’ deep technical knowledge and felt confident that they fully understood all the issues involved in running high traffic professional forums.

Time Inc has high standards for information security we needed a hosting partner that understood the issues and the risks at stake.

Also, historically when we hosted our forums in-house we found it hard to prioritise development tasks against work on the main brand websites. Tasks were infrequent enough that developers didn’t get familiar enough with the forum codebase making changes hard and inefficient. We now have a simple cost effective way of making changes to all our forums in a timely manner.

Nimbus’ were also happy to take on the customisations and updates we had made to our forums and work with us on a migration plan to bring our forums to the latest version.

How did the migration go from your previous host when you first moved to Nimbus?

Our migrations went smoothly. Nimbus replicated our database, assets and patches before testing and switching DNS.

There were a few issues getting the SSL/non-SSL switching patch working and the non-SSL traffic is not routed via Akamai. Arguably these issues are unique to Time Inc.

How has the hosting and general site performance been since moving to Nimbus from your point of view?

Performance has been good and I think the platform was sized well to cope with the traffic based on the data we initially sent.

We recently switched RugbyWorld to Xenforo from vBulletin – how did the move go?

RugbyWorld was a new site (not previously on XenForo) but it’s set-up was extremely smooth.

What value has Nimbus added to your business?

It has freed up development and operations time to focus on our core competencies while giving us a friendly reliable partner that specialises in forums.

Has there been any cost savings?

Hard to gauge at this stage but what we can’t put a value on is the priceless expertise, knowledge and efficiency we didn’t have before which is allowing our in-house team to work far more effectively.

Is there anything you feel Nimbus could improve on?

There are a few things that we are discussing but nothing that Nimbus can’t handle. Aside from that, it would be nice to actually see you guys occasionally…

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