Xenforo Tips & Tricks

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XenForo is community forum software built on Zend Framework. Released in 2011, the software was developed by former vBulletin developers Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan. XenForo has given a new standpoint on forum software and has now become one of the most popular forum platforms in the world.
Speeding up your forum

XenForo can become slow over time, especially because it is community-based software. XenForo is much more resource heavy on your server. There are some small tweaks you can make to ensure you’re getting the most out of your forum.

– Utilize Caching

– Image Optimization

– Reduce HTTP Requests – Fewer Add-Ons

Using Google Analytics within a XenForo forum

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to gain an insight into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.

[symple_toggle title=”Step1”] Sign in with your Google Account [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Step2”] Click on the Admin button on the top right hand corner. Then click on ‘+ New Account’. You just need to fill out some of your forum information such as the forum URL, Industry Category, etc. and then click “Get Tracking ID’ button. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Step3”] Copy your tracking ID Number and go to your XenForo Admin Control Panel > Options > Statistics and Metrics where you can simply add your Tracking ID number to Google Analytics Web Property ID [/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Step4”]  Save and you’re done! [/symple_toggle]


Useful Add-on’s

Xentag by Dinh Thanh – This addon allows you to add tags related to the topic, display them on the forum list, tag cloud and many other features.

Sitemap for XenForo This add-on will help you create XML Sitemap for your forum so that you can submit it to search engine sich as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

‘Keywords’ Meta Tag by XenCode a simple add-on which will add a ‘Keywords’ meta tag to your forum’s home page necessary to improve your forum’s SEO performance.

While there is still much debate about the whether XenForo is the best software to use for a forum and many comparisons between this and vBulletin can be found online, in terms of add-ons and functionality, it seems to be much smoother, faster loading and is fast becoming the most popular forum platforms around.

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